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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.


13 hours until my start time.

Jeff Henson

So here is my plan for World Wide Miniatures Day.  Wait... You don't know what that is?  Well check here.  Anyway back to the plan...  I get off work, stock up on munchies and supplies, and take a nap until about 11.  I'll start at midnight by cleaning my work area for a bit, included rearranging my desktop getting some stuff out of the way.  Then on to painting... followed by basing when I start to get a little more tired then back to painting.  The hope is to post pictures every hour so you can see my progress.....

See you at midnight.

Off tomorrow

Jeff Henson

Yep that's right I'm off tomorrow and I will be finishing up some commission work.  I'm hoping to get it all finished, the pictures taken, and start some infinity figures for fun.  By fun I mean that I will paint them as examples of some of my work for infinity.  With any luck I will get a chance to snap a bunch of pictures with my new camera, and, maybe just maybe, I can post them here.  Anyway I am very excited to have a painting day!!!


Jeff Henson

Ironically, this post contains no pictures.   It is instead about my new camera the Canon T6i with WiFi.  Its 24 megapixels of miniature picture taking goodness!  You may have noticed that the last few pictures I have posted are much clearer and vibrant and you would not be wrong.  This camera is a great addition to my current lens set and photo setup.  The LED screen is really handy for getting the focus as sharp as possible while not destroying my back and quads crouching to focus the shot.  Additionally I am able to use my iPad or iPhone as a remote trigger device to snap photos from across the room or where ever.  Its WiFi so I can transfer photos to my iDevice quickly with out having to use the SD card as a conduit.  My first goal is to use it to get some pictures up on ebay by Thursday the 4th.  I love this camera.