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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.


Ever increasing mountain of metal

Jeff Henson

Over the years I have purchased an increasing mound of miniatures that if I stopped now, I would never finish in my lifetime.  As I get older, i would have thought that my painting speed would have increased, but I am finding the opposite.  Why?  Well I think it is that the more I learn about color choices and painting styles, the more I think carefully about each choice.  This slows me down, way down.  Not so much at the unit level because the choice is made for the entire unit, but at the individual figure level.  

The whole mound situation (more of a mountain really) has been made worse by kickstarter.  Man.  When you can jump into a kickstarter for a miniatures game where for $100 you can get the game, 2 or more factions, and a bunch of extra bits and widgets, it tends to make you jump in just so you don't miss the boat.  I usually convince myself that if I don't like the game I can sell it on ebay... Yeah right.  Like any miniature that comes into my possession ever gets out.