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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.


World Wide Miniature Painting Day is July 12th, 2014!

Jeff Henson

Yep its a thing!  A thing I just thought of, but still a thing.  A thing on July 12th!

Back Story:  A few years ago I saw a post on the Hirst Arts forum about having a 24 hour build day.  At the time I was too busy with my kids, wife, and work to give it a try, but the idea stuck with me for several years.  I was always wondering if I could make it 24 hours.  What would it be like?  How would my work look when comparing the first hour to the last hour?  Would I gain any insight?  Flash forward a few years and now I have more time and that old question started to raise its head again.  Now I am more into painting than building terrian so I was wondering how long could I paint?  So I came up with the 24 hour painting marathon idea and posted on the forum an Reaper Miniatures.  There seemed to be some interest and the date was set for July 12th because most of the interested parted could make it.

Many painters expressed an interest in painting for less time such as a 12 stretch, while others wanted to know if they could drop in for a few hours.  We even adjusted the idea so that you could start or end the marathon on the 12th to me more flexible for participants.  I wanted everyone who wanted to take part in any way to be included which lead to the idea that we should have a World Wide Miniature Painting Day.  Since there were days for tabletop and frp games, why not miniatures?  And World Wide Miniature Painting Day was born.

The Event:  SInce this is the first ever WWMPD, the idea is still developing.  The basic gist is this:  Take a miniature do something related to painting with it for however long you want.  The idea is you have fun with it.