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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.


ReaperCon 2015

Jeff Henson

I just finished getting my flight info, hotel reservation, and last but not least, my Reapercon Gold ticket.  I can't wait to go this year even though I don't feel even close to ready.  My goal last year was to bring home a silver metal which I did!  Wahoo!  Of course that makes this years goal to bring home a gold -- no pressure.  None what so ever... Nope... Zero... Zilch....  Okay a little pressure... but good pressure.

What I love the most about reapercon is how open the professional artists are.  I have never been turned down when I asked a question about a different technique or advice.  They are all such a great group and Reaper puts a great event.  I will be gushing for the next few months about it and you probably don't even want to read what I am going to post from the event. 

If you are into miniatures then you need to go at least once.