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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.



Jeff Henson

Sorry I needed that.  I was just starting to get some traction on my contest mini but then work reared its ugly head.  It gobbled up all my extra time and I lost all my momentum.  So frustrating - I am now back to agonizing over color choices and basing ideas.  I'm even questioning which miniature I should be entering...  Yes I know.  I am neurotic beyond belief.

In other news, I have been playing around with Scale75 paints I got from Hangar 18 miniatures or at least I was until the work thing started.   Anyway,  I have to say that I have been a Reaper Master Series paint fan-boy for many years now, but the Scale75 paints are a very nice compliment to my RMS paints.  They are a bit thicker which requires more shaking (thats okay I have a paint shaker )  but they thin down nicely.  They dry completely flat - especially the metallics set and the have good coverage.  The Black and White boxed set gives a range of colors from pure back to pure white in a series of warm and cool grays which are a good addition to my paint quiver.  The inks might be one of my favorite sets since it contains a wood brown and a chestnut ink which makes an wood object pop.  Remember the old GW chestnut ink?  Remember the ecstasy of the finish and deep tone it gave? (if you don't, you are probably too young -- just take my word for it or ask an older painter)  These two colors are like that ink on steroids.  

More later -- I'm forcing myself to paint now.