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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.


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Jeff Henson

Okay so I think am officially started on my ReaperCon contest miniatures now.  This weekend was really productive in getting things going.  Not in that sense that I got a lot done on them but in the sense that I got a ton of commission work completed.  With that pressure off me, I am able to switch focus to my entries.

I have selected Avatar of Aurellius as my piece so I purchased two of them from Reaper.  One will be used as a test piece the other as the actual entry.  The test piece I will sell on ebay after I am finished.  After many experiments I have decided to go with white wings (although I'm not sure if I am 100% committed to that) and a golden type of armor with dark purplish-red shadows.  Sorry for not posting pictures here but I am kind of superstitious about my entries, but I will post some after ReaperCon.

I also have others picked out to paint which with no test pieces and who knows one of these may take over as my primary piece at some point.  That is exactly what happened last year.  I have been going through an ogre phase lately so I picked up these from reaper.  Orbrag, Stonebiter -- This one will be fun to paint and I LOVE the sculpt.  The same goes for this Ogre Smasher -- I love the eye patch.  Also the new Ogre Clubber is on my list if cool miniatures to paint, but I think I may want to swap the weapons on it.  And finely the Hook Mountain Ogre completes the list.  I envision this one as part of a diorama where he is standing in a cave entrance grinning hungrily out at some passing victims.

Finely, two figures for a diorama idea I had.  Duke Jones, Astronaut and Betty, Space Heroine.  You guessed it.  Its sort of a SCIFI idea...

More Later