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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.


Ok I'm on my way -- I think.

Jeff Henson

Ok so I'm going with the darker theme...  I started working on the wings this weekend but I not sure of the armor yet.  I just need to dive in and see what happens.  One of the problems is that I keep comparing it to last years entry and feeling like I am copying it or that it just isn't as good.  It doesn't seem to matter that one is finished and one is not.  :)

  On the plus side, I have started working on the miniatures also.  They are much easier because I seem to be more free with them -- no pressure -- just creative painting in the moment.  No fear of making a mistake.

And the then there is the diorama...  It is coming along nicely, although I its only about 15% done.  The one problem that I am having is that It is a mirror image of what is in my head.  I started by putting the highlights on the wrong side for my intended light source.  This its really a problem except that it makes everything opposite of what is in my head.  It feels awkward.  I 'm not really sure if that makes the diorama awkward or if its just because It opposite of the one in my brain.

More later