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Painting related thoughts

This is the place for all my random painting related thoughts.


Holy Crap its almost April!

Jeff Henson

How did this happen?  Really?  That is only 29 days or 696 hours or 41760 minutes or 2505600 seconds...  Subtract 8 hours a day for sleeping and thats only 464 hours or 27840 minutes or 1670400 seconds.  I don't even want to factor in my work week into that...

Breath.  Take in a deep breathe.

On the plus side, I have committed to my first entry.  So much so that I will break my superstition and post some WIP pictures of my entry some time this week.  No really, I am going to post them to my blog and my facebook page.  And I will also post WIP pictures of my diorama entry as well.

In the mean time let me say this.  I like the darker reds and purples with the golden highlights of the armor in  my current color scheme.  The problem is that I may have painted myself into a corner...  I don't want to head down the same road as I did last year but I may have no choice.  The colors are similar to last years entries, but more red and less purple which is making me struggle to find a good harmonious color that is the yellow I used last year.