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Commission Work

I often get questions about what I charge for commission work and I put this page together to help potential customers get a sense of  my pricing structure.  I do several levels of work from very basic to more elaborate and time consuming.  Each level is pictured below with an added description.  In all cases the prices do not include the price of the miniature as most people supply it themselves.  If you would like me to purchase it, then you will need to add the cost of the miniature (don't forget the shipping costs) to the final cost of the miniature.

The easiest way to get a price for a figure you want painted is to send me a picture of the figure you would like painted with the level of detail you would like.  Examples of my levels are below.   Please note that while I try to keep a quick turnaround time, there are times of the year where I do tend to slow way down.  These times are usually around the holidays and the ever cool ReaperCon.

Speaking of shipping, on orders over $75 I will cover shipping costs back to you via priority mail.  



Basic Tabletop

This level includes highlights and shadows plus details of the figure.  Base is a bit more detailed with some details added but mostly plane, painted a neutral grey.  Usually about $15-$25 per miniatures.


Super Tabletop Level

Best level for gaming.  This level includes highlights and shadows plus details of the figure.  Base is a bit more detailed.  Usually about $20 - $35 for a standard miniature.



Near Display Level

This is my highest level I can paint to.  Please contact me so we can discuss prices for this level.  As a general guideline a human sized figure costs from $100 to $300 and takes a few months to complete.  There are certain times of the year that I will not do this type of work especially if I am getting ready for ReaperCon or something similar.


The are some extras that can add to the overall price.  Freehand, elaborate basing, excessive painting prep, conversion, pinning..  Addition fees applied to larger miniatures such as dragons, giants, and ogres.


My preferred method of payment is paypal, but I will discuss other payment optons.  Feel free to contact me to discuss other options.