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On the work bench

This is the spot to view my current works in progress.  If I am working on a commission for you, my might see some in progress shots here.  If not you can see some of the other stuff I am working on.

Well this has been a long time coming...

Jeff Henson

So because of work and vacation and well everything I took some time off painting for a while. I back at with this guy. He is a bust of Krampus form the fine folks at Creature Caster miniatures. I wanted to do something seasonal for the holidays but I was late finishing him up. He is still not finished but I like the way he is turning out. I want to “lighten” the tips of the horns a bit to get them some interest — maybe add some deep brown in areas? Also I need to do the skulls and the bits of his necklaces to make them all shinny and stuff.

Also been working on this guy. I gave one a way as part of Christmas exchange but I liked the miniature so much that I got myself a copy. This is my copy. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures of the one that I sent off but oh well. Enjoy.

So... What have I been working on?

Jeff Henson

Well I will tell you… I bought this Reaper Bones figure (Avatar of Rage) at ReaperCon with the idea of painting him while I was there. So I didn’t do it — Didnt ever start it — Because friends and Alcohol that is why. When I got home I finished my Miniature Monthly entry and started on this little guy. I didn’t like the grass skirt he was wearing so I greenstuffed a cloth one for him. The OSL was something I wanted to try with some of the newer florescent colors I got from Green Stuff World and I’m not happy with it. Its way too heavy handed but I like the rest of the paint job.

Also I’ve been working on this years ReaperCon Sophie. I wanted to divert from the “box art” and move toward an olive skin tone. He clothes, wings and armor are from the purple and reds area with yellows as the contrasting color. Not that I see them next to each other the skirt from the hippo above and the colors on Sophie are both from the same area of the color wheel. I might be spending too much time there so I will have to switch it up in the next few figs I paint

Moving on to a reaper gnoll. Well crud I’m still in the same area on the wheel. I was going to paint something on the back of his ragidy clock but considering the above color choices I think I’ll just move on.

Last and most funnily is Neopolork from Scale 75. I picked this guy up at the con and thought I would start him right away. I’ve been into busts lately. Not those type of busts, these type of busts. I’ve always been into those type of busts

Bonus content — I show you this one because this is the same color palette as most of the others above. Sigh. I started this one a while back and and headed down the same color road. It a well worn path at this point. Next time I will switch colors I promise. I’ll do a random draw for colors and work from there. In the mean time, I have to say that I really like this bust from Scale75.


And then this happened....

Jeff Henson

Right on the heels of ReaperCon 2018!


No one was more surprised than me. I only had one day to finish this guy up after ReaperCon… I was suppose to finish him at con but well there was drinking and friends to catch up with. I actually had two entries but I abandoned the creature caster one because I was not going to be able to finish and spent my remaining time on this guy. A one point I just decided that it was time to stop working on him because I was flat out of time. There are lots more finishing that I want to do to him. I won a copy of Rail Raiders Infinite (the game that he goes to) which I can’t wait to paint up and play.

Many thanks to Miniature Monthly for all the hard work in putting together this massive contest.

ReaperCon 2018! GOLD!!! Finely a GOLD!!!!

Jeff Henson

Back from ReaperCon 2018 and I AM SO HAPPY! I won a gold this year! I have been trying to do this for a while… but I am getting ahead of myself. Here is my bronze entry in the painters division. I call him Admiral Bob because you have to have at least one Bob figure in your entries. No really. Its a rule… Okay its my rule but hey its a rule. This is my first bust I’ve done for a competition or ever in fact.

Admin Bob.jpg

Moving on… This is my silver entry and it was in the diorama category called “Midnight Cheese Raider”. I used the parts from a real mousetrap which I shortened to make it fit the figure a bit better. I liked the idea of it being a cross between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Tomb Raider but the problem was that I didn’t have a way conveying why she was in the trap. Finely I came up with the idea that she could be taking a “Golden” (aka cheese) idol like the beginning of Raiders. This idea evolved very quickly in my mind and I started after my gold entry and finished it before my gold entry. The “base” was pretty much my wife’s idea (thanks honey-bunches) and I finished it literally in the hotel room the night before it was due.

Lastly is my Gold entry. Did I say gold I meant GGGOOOLLLDDD! I case you haven’t picked up on it I am very happy with this outcome. This idea evolved over the course of about 3 months. Some of you may remember this figure had wings and a sword at one time and it was an angel with a sword. Well I turned this bad-boy dark. I removed his wings and give him a skull staff with a swarm of skulls screaming around.

ReaperCon and other shows

Jeff Henson

This is one of my ReaperCon entries this year.  It still needs a lot of work but I feel like its getting there.  It looked much different in my head that in reality but I'm not unhappy with the reality.  I need to figure out a way of brightening up the main body of the figure without overshadowing the screaming skulls.  Of course it could be that I don't have the wings on, but I'm kind of starting to like it without the wings.  I'll have to post some pics with the wings on before I decide which way to go.

Next up is a WIP for the Miniature Monthly contest -- actually the next two are, but this one is huge.  Its Lady of Arcana from Creature Caster miniatures.  This are large, highly detailed, sculpts of some of the most outlandish creates I have ever seen -- in the same vein as Kingdom Death.

Lastly is a Kingsman miniature from Ninja Division.  Something about this figure caught my eye even though I'm not really a Chibi/Anime fan.  Not that I dislike it but I'm just not a huge fan.  These are pretty fun to paint though so I may pick up some more if I get a chance.  This one is painted just like the box art because that is what drew me to it and it relieved me from having to think about colors too much.  Plus, I like the challenge of trying to make the figure match the reference art.

WWMD the start

Jeff Henson

so I get up from my evening nap to start getting setup for the next 24 and my wife has decorated my door. She’s not even into gaming. Sometimes you marry the right one. 


WIP from the weekend or Weekend WIPS

Jeff Henson

Some new commission WIPs to show off.  These are done with an airbrush for the most part.  I have become more dependent on it ever sense Aaron Lovejoy's class in San Diego at Kingdom Con.  I have embraced inks for this work and i am please with the results so far.  The contrast is striking.

Next up a couple of winged demons -- the wings are heavily airbrushed with Reaper MSP paint and Army Painter shades.

Lastly comes a griffin rider.  This one is bluish as per the clients request but I really like the way the teal looks against the dark rider.  The fur cloak has a fair amount of ink shading -- did I mention that I am starting to fall in love with the liquitex inks?  Well I am.    The rider has some carbon black shading as well as some panes gray for depth.