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On the work bench

This is the spot to view my current works in progress.  If I am working on a commission for you, my might see some in progress shots here.  If not you can see some of the other stuff I am working on.

And the painting extravaganza continues....

Jeff Henson

Here are some more work in progress shots -- this time of buildings.

Commission pieces

Jeff Henson

Its been a while since I have shared with you but today is the day.  After ReaperCon I have been hard at work getting a large commission done before Christmas and since I am on track to finished early (fingers crossed -- no whammies! no whammies!) I thought I would post a few pictures.

First up, the completed windmill.  Its resin and sports the very latest in pinned blades.  I am starting to really love these resin terrain pieces.

Next up are some GW Nighthaunts.  There is a small amount of work to do on the skeletons but that will go very quickly with a splash of brown paint and deft drybrush of ivory.  They were a bitch to assemble but they are certainly worth it.  I liked these guys so much that I picked up a set for myself for use in a campaign that I may someday write and run.

Oh good, you are still reading.  Here are a couple of Crypt Flayers from GW.  They still need some cleanup but the wings made me pee my pants with delight.  Copied straight from the box art, I like these guys as well.  If I were to do a set for myself I think I would give them a dark purplish black skin with the redish wings you see here.

I blame mocha these next two.   I took an eyeball class from her at ReaperCon and she got interested in these little guys.  It is the eyes.  Its all about the eyes.  Anyway, these little fellas are WIPs which have interested in picking up some more of them.  We jokingly call them chubbys....

Lastly -- this year I picked up some busts to work on.  I've heard that you can really improve because they are much larger and you can really push the paint around.  So far I find this to be true but I'm still working on this one.  Its my first burst ever and I don't anything about it but its really been fun to work on.  If anyone has details put this one put them in the comments below.  Will try to dig up the box later and get some details for you.

Reapercon 2017 WIP and others

Jeff Henson

Here are some pictures of a very large commission I did.  Some of the pictures are a little motion blurred because I was in a rush to get them packed up and to FedEx before they closed for the evening.  (Don't get me started on how much one place actually listed itself as 24 hours on the web but only open until 7 at the shop.  I guess the 24 hours were not in a row)  I'll start with the riders of ruin from GW.  I liked these so much that I got a set from ebay to paint up for a DnD campaign which I am sure I will be running at some point in the future...

Next up are the Dark Elves on Cold Drakes (sung to the tune of White Punks on Dope or if you take out the Dark part of the name Girls on Film).  I like these plasic version way better thant the metal versions from back in the day.  They have more detail and much cleaner lines.

Then there is this snake thingy.  I have to admit I really had some problems assembling this little guy.  He faught me every step of the way and in the end I had to pin just about every section but I won.  He isn't the boss of me.

Still Like the way he came out.

Manotaurs -- who doesn't love them.  I love them cuz they are bad ass.  Below are two different representations of this mythical beast.  One from Games Workshop and the other from Reaper Miniatures.  Its hard to choose which one I like better.

Canon and crew -- pretty simple.  These were painted like the GW painting sceme.  Why does GW always like its gun crews to look clownish?  Dont answer that lets just move on.

And then there is Fire Drake.  Like Maude but with fire.

CHAOS!!!!  Love these guys.

And finally a look at my ReaperCon 2017 entries so far.  Yes I've been hard a work getting my entries for this year ready and I know you are anxious to see them.  Here they are.  Sorry for the giggly shot but sometimes you are in a hurry and don't have time to reshoot.

Let me stand next to your fire........ giant

Jeff Henson

Sorry Jimi --

Here is a look at one of the fire giants from the reaper bones series.  I experimented quite a bit with some of the GW washed to tint the metal different colors.  I need to add a few final touches like the eyes and the teeth and some highlights on the metal bits, but other than that he is done.  Let me know what you think.

Long time, no post...

Jeff Henson

Good News everyone!

I haven't posted anything in a while--A long while.  You may have noticed and thought that I had forgotten all about it.  Well I haven't.  I have been dividing my time between family, work, and of course painting.  Let us start with one of my favorite pieces.  Yee ol' ogre cannon.  Looks like he is compensating, doesn't it.  

Next up, some dire wolves from games workshop.  These suckers are from GW and very easy to put together and quite varied in poses.  I followed the GW painting scheme but quite sure what the blue is supposed to be.  I finally decided that it was magical energy so I painted the eyes to match the blue to match my theory that it was glowing from within.

Moving on to.... The infamous Terror-gheist from GW.  Does your Vampire count need a way to devour his enemies and make a lightning quick escape-- er a I mean lightning quick attack?  Here is your ticket.

Want some ground troops with that?  Well how about these?  Sorry for the picture quality but it  was late and I was very tired and not paying as much attention as I should.  They where all commission pieces so I don't have a chance to retake them.

Hour 24 -- Done

Jeff Henson

 Woo hoo all done I generally take better pictures of this when I am finished but not really to this time I am tired so I'm going to bed I'll take pictures tomorrow although I will leave you with one last photo  


Hour 23

Jeff Henson

  well manicuring with this guy's fingernails 


 Yep we're under an hour looks like 52 minutes I am so tired I might be asleep here in the chair  

Hour 17

Jeff Henson

The butt shout too


 Glad I wasn't finished with the skin because I had a little bit of a mishap with the red but honey tired that's what happens  


 Wow apples speech to text makes it look like I am totally drunk  

Hour 16 -- 3/4 of the way home

Jeff Henson

 Let's start with the inevitable butt shot because really I'm getting tired now 


 You can actually see Trump below getting ready to build his wall  


 Or maybe he's just peeing on my paint  

Hour 17 -- math is really hard

Jeff Henson

 OK I'm slowing way down now but I'm still going I think I'm going to have to go start making some sort of dinner which is totally fine but I am babbling now anyway here's a picture of trump.  He just needs ice and then he's pretty close to finished tired though so my details are in the sack so I may not actually do his eyes right now I wait till later


Hour 12

Jeff Henson

 OK so I am in our 12 and it's lunchtime we who also is a special little daddy that I like so far he'll be a wonderful donation piece I believe  


 Are you sick of these updates yet well you've only got 12 more to go