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On the work bench

This is the spot to view my current works in progress.  If I am working on a commission for you, my might see some in progress shots here.  If not you can see some of the other stuff I am working on.

ReaperCon and other shows

Jeff Henson

This is one of my ReaperCon entries this year.  It still needs a lot of work but I feel like its getting there.  It looked much different in my head that in reality but I'm not unhappy with the reality.  I need to figure out a way of brightening up the main body of the figure without overshadowing the screaming skulls.  Of course it could be that I don't have the wings on, but I'm kind of starting to like it without the wings.  I'll have to post some pics with the wings on before I decide which way to go.

Next up is a WIP for the Miniature Monthly contest -- actually the next two are, but this one is huge.  Its Lady of Arcana from Creature Caster miniatures.  This are large, highly detailed, sculpts of some of the most outlandish creates I have ever seen -- in the same vein as Kingdom Death.

Lastly is a Kingsman miniature from Ninja Division.  Something about this figure caught my eye even though I'm not really a Chibi/Anime fan.  Not that I dislike it but I'm just not a huge fan.  These are pretty fun to paint though so I may pick up some more if I get a chance.  This one is painted just like the box art because that is what drew me to it and it relieved me from having to think about colors too much.  Plus, I like the challenge of trying to make the figure match the reference art.

WWMD the start

Jeff Henson

so I get up from my evening nap to start getting setup for the next 24 and my wife has decorated my door. She’s not even into gaming. Sometimes you marry the right one. 


WIP from the weekend or Weekend WIPS

Jeff Henson

Some new commission WIPs to show off.  These are done with an airbrush for the most part.  I have become more dependent on it ever sense Aaron Lovejoy's class in San Diego at Kingdom Con.  I have embraced inks for this work and i am please with the results so far.  The contrast is striking.

Next up a couple of winged demons -- the wings are heavily airbrushed with Reaper MSP paint and Army Painter shades.

Lastly comes a griffin rider.  This one is bluish as per the clients request but I really like the way the teal looks against the dark rider.  The fur cloak has a fair amount of ink shading -- did I mention that I am starting to fall in love with the liquitex inks?  Well I am.    The rider has some carbon black shading as well as some panes gray for depth.

Commission work from this weekend.

Jeff Henson

First up -- skeletons from games workshop.  These guys are plastic and have some awesome dynamic poses.  I have to admit that I am starting to warm up to plastic more and more.  You never used to see these type of poses in metal either.  I have been gluing a washer to the bottom of mine just to give them some weight.

Now some orcs.  These guys are from the Shadespire expansions.  They are easy to put together and prep for painting.  I should have said the that skeletons were from Shadespire also.  What I like most about them is their simplicity -- there isn't a lot of extra stuff hanging off them to distract the eye.  This might seem disappointing at first but when they are assembled in an army group it really adds to their visual impact.

more ReaperCon 2018 WIP pics.

Jeff Henson

this has been a pretty productive weekend and I am excited to show off the results of my work.  First though, I want to show off my figure from my painting boot-camp from last weekend.  This is from Saturdays layering class.

next is a couple of busts that I am doing -- these are also for ReaperCon -- at least I would like to take one of them.  If they both come out well I will bring both.

And finely the beastie that has been consuming most of my creative fuel for the past few months.  The is one of the reaper bones series which I opted to convert.  I removed the sword from his hand and added the staff with the skull mace.  The screaming skulls were also added with the skeletons at the bottom added to add interest.  I am not finished with the guy yet as I still have to finish modifing the skeletons climbing the base along with some finishing touches.  All in all I'm pretty happy with my progress.

Another WIP for ReaperCon.

Jeff Henson

Moving right along.  Still need a lot do quite a bit of clean up but that is okay.  The real reason for these pictures is to test the flying skulls on the head of the skull mace.  I can't get a really good idea of what a bunch of them would look like.  The idea is to have lots of skulls careening around the head of the mace with a few shooting off toward a target.

I cant really tell from the pictures if it will be too distracting so I guess I will forge ahead and see what happens.  I have a bad habit of analysis paralysis which I'm trying to get over.  

ReaperCon is only 5ish months away.

Jeff Henson

Last year I was swamped with work so I didn't have time to get a proper entry ready in time so I sort of half-assed it.  Okay really I procrastinated until it was almost too late and I swore that I would NEVER do that again.  Here is the result -- I am starting my entry's 5 months early.  

There is still a long way to go but have started and that is the main goal.  I need to neaten up the skulls, striping and cloak among other things.  I'm hoping to add some more bits and things as I go along.  I was imagining that end of his "skull mace" as a huge ball of animated skulls which swirl around the head.  Occasionally one will fly out toward an enemy that he is in battle with.... the question is how to I create this?

I was also planning to add some skull like patterns to the wings to carry the continuity through the piece.

I like the base so far and I was inspired by James Wappel (a true force of nature!  I don't think he ever sleeps).  He has a series of videos and a patron page which you should definitely check out.

On the base I need to spend a bit more time hiding the layers of cork and painting it like stone or obsidian to enhance the overall effect.  I want to add some skulls to the base too as will as misc skeleton parts just hanging out.  Again, just to tie the theme together.  I've got big plans I tell ya, big plans.  Plans clearly beyond my skill level!

Anyway, thats all for now.  I will post more WIP pictures as I go along.  See you nesxt time.