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On the work bench

This is the spot to view my current works in progress.  If I am working on a commission for you, my might see some in progress shots here.  If not you can see some of the other stuff I am working on.

Long overdue WIP post for Dungeon Saga...

Jeff Henson

Because work and personal life have been invading my painting life I have be neglecting my painting for a weeks and I need to get back on track now that the dust has settled.  What better time than now?  What better place than here.

So here are some Dungeon Saga miniatures that I have been painting for a client that are almost complete. I finished them during my own self imposed Charleston Heston apocalyptic film trifecta...  What is it you ask?  Well I will tell you....  In no particular order:  The Planet of the Apes; Soylent Green; The Omega Man.  Probably more than you wanted to know but....

Ok I took these in a hurry so some them aren't the best but I will post better ones when the project is completed.  Anyways here are the pictures...