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On the work bench

This is the spot to view my current works in progress.  If I am working on a commission for you, my might see some in progress shots here.  If not you can see some of the other stuff I am working on.

Well this has been a long time coming...

Jeff Henson

So because of work and vacation and well everything I took some time off painting for a while. I back at with this guy. He is a bust of Krampus form the fine folks at Creature Caster miniatures. I wanted to do something seasonal for the holidays but I was late finishing him up. He is still not finished but I like the way he is turning out. I want to “lighten” the tips of the horns a bit to get them some interest — maybe add some deep brown in areas? Also I need to do the skulls and the bits of his necklaces to make them all shinny and stuff.

Also been working on this guy. I gave one a way as part of Christmas exchange but I liked the miniature so much that I got myself a copy. This is my copy. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures of the one that I sent off but oh well. Enjoy.