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On the work bench

This is the spot to view my current works in progress.  If I am working on a commission for you, my might see some in progress shots here.  If not you can see some of the other stuff I am working on.

Still more animal crackers (not in the soup though)

Jeff Henson

So I trying to get inspired for Reapercon 2019, but I havent yet. Inspired isn’t the right word because I very excited for it — so excited I’ve peed myself while I’m typing this — but I haven’t settle on a piece to paint for it yet. Some of my friends are already working on their entries which are very cool. You know who your are…. (Jessi) so I’m trying to get started. Its harder than I thought…

So in the mean time I will paint other stuff, namely the stuff below. When I saw the duck warrior I wanted, nay, I needed to paint one. Anyone ever played RuneQuest? In the world of Glorantha ducks have been cursed with intelligence so must follow the ways of other intelligent life. Its great! Elves are considered vegetables by the trolls (another player race) who consider themselves veterinarians.

Also there are two elephant totems and one of the new Bones Black rock trolls. One of the elephants is a give for some one (shhhhh don’t tell them) and the other is just a fun experiment. The rock Troll is just a diversion from other stuff and a test of the bones black material. Anyway, comment if you want and enjoy.