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The WWMD Story


What was the genesis of WWMD?

Stupidity, pure and simple. You want more detail.. oh okay. So some time around 2012 or so while perusing the Hirst Arts forums to avoid work someone posting about an event where people hobbied for 24 hours just to see what they could do. I was intrigued and I started to wonder if I could do something similar but with paints instead of blocks. I saw it as an endurance challenge. A vision quest for painting. A sudden enlightenment when I crossed the 24hr mark.

The idea bounced around my empty head for a while until the summer of 2013 when it turned out I would have the house to myself for almost the entire month of July and I had every other Friday off which created the perfect storm of ignorance, moxie, bad planning, and over confidence. Also I figured that I would share with my friends on the Reaper Forum the idea in case anyone wanted to tag along. The first ever WWMD was from noon to noon which it turned out was harder than you think. The wee hours of the morning were tough, but I finished it. Important note here: I swore to NEVER do it again.

Which I did — for one year. So around the same time the following year someone on the Reaper Forums asked me if I was doing it again that year. Sorry I don’t remember who asked but they are probably in the witness protection program now anyway. I had the crazy thought that I could do it much easier by going from midnight to midnight thus doing the wee hours of the morning first and I could take a nap right before to help as well. Turned out the stars aligned and I had the house to myself for most of July again so moxie and chutzpah took over and I did a second one. This one it turned out was much easier but I had a great thought at the end of it. I should have done a time lapse movie if me painting for 24 hours… Damn… oh well. I’ll never do that again. Important note here: I swore to NEVER do it again.

Which I did — for one year. So in the summer of 2015 my calendar reminder beeping reminding me to “Stop Thinking About IT? You WWMD”. It is with a deep sense of irony that I have to report reminded me to do it again. So I decided that if I was going to do it again I was going to try to make it a thing. I found a place online to get some ribbons made to hand out to all the people who participated, mainly so I could sport one at Reapercon.