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The things that keep me up at night

This is where I talk about different aspects of the hobby, and any other related topics (no matter now loosely).  If you are reading this, you must be really bored.

Chaotic Brain Dump... Please stand by...

Jeff Henson

I have about a million tiny things running around my head but not really enough for any one particular subject so I thought that I would dump them out at one time.  The problem is where to begin...  hmmm...  how about here.

I was listening to one of my favorite pod casts (Models-Workshop After Hours) last week , when I discovered the website of Jay Adan.  Let me first say that the Models-Workshop web site is really good.  There are lots of tutorials and reviews and they appeal to my raunchy sense of humor so I give them a thumbs up.  Check them out when you get a chance.

 O.k. i'll  continue, I found Jay Adan's website.  He is a commission painter and general around nice guy with a really good Vlog about commission painting.  If you have ever wondered what it was like to be a commission painter, watch his Vlog.  It is so entertaining to me that I watched all of them in a single day or two, which lead me to his interviews.  The one with Colin Phillips designer of Skirmish Outbreak.   Those who know me, know that I am a big fan of Two Hour Wargames especially  All Things Zombie so the last thing I needed was another zombie game.  Well in the middle of the interview, I ordered the game from Drive Thru Wargames and devoured the rules.  Check it out when you get a chance and I will post a review later.

And this too:  On Jay's website he reviewed some new paints which intrigued me.  I am normally a Reaper MSP guy with some Scale75 mixed in and I'm pretty loyal to these brands having tried many others.  On a whim I ordered a set of the paints to see what they were like because well you can never have too much paint.  I have to admit that at this point I was starting to feel like a stalker so lets move on.

Remember how I said that Models-Workshop After Hours was one of my favorite podcasts?  Well they mentioned two tools that I thought I would try out since they go good reviews from MWAH (Ha!  You see what I did there?)  The first one is the Glue Looper fromCreative Dynamic LLC.  It is a product that helps you apply super glue (or any other thin glue) to models without the mess.  When it becomes clogged with superglue you can just use a lighter to burn the glue off and its ready for use again.  I have tried this product also and it delivers exactly as promised which gets a thumbs up from me.

Also mentioned were the Alpha Abrasives Micro Finishing Cloth Abrasive Pads.  While I did not fall in love with these products immediately like the Glue Looper, I did come the value them just as much.  They tend to be a bit on the pricey side(and what isn't in this hobby) but are worth the money.  My problem with not with the product, but with my expectations of the product.  I seem to have an unrealistic expectation that these products will magically make mold lines disappear.  Yes I know, but wouldn't it be cool if they did?  Expectations more in line with reality, this product preformed its job perfectly.  A clear thumbs up from me.

And finely, Kickstarter.  The is a kickstarter on right now for stencils for airbrushing.  The HS Stencil System from Anarchy Models is here!  Why is this a system you ask?  I have now idea.  I guess because there are more than one of them.  These look idea for the kinds of things I want to be able to do with a stencil and an airbrush.  I am really interested in the text ones more that the patterns but I would like to have some patterns as well.  The only thing stopping me from jumping in now is the question of what level to get in at.

Oh yeah, I got my Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter showed up a few weeks ago.  The models are all really nicely detailed but require a fair bit of assembly.  Not that that is a problem but I don't have the time to assemble them now.

Wow -- that is all the brain dump I have for now.  I must go wipe my cranium now so I will add more later.