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The things that keep me up at night

This is where I talk about different aspects of the hobby, and any other related topics (no matter now loosely).  If you are reading this, you must be really bored.


Jeff Henson

I discovered this really cool thing some miniature painter friends are doing called the #speedpaintchallege on twitter.  The idea is that you get seven colors plus black and white to paint a miniature in 4 hours or less.  Sounds easy right?  turns out that it is more difficult than it appears.

Here are the results of my first one but I have to admit that I failed the challenge.  These images were taken at the 4 hour mark but I was not finished. :(  I wanted to get pictures of it our now as a record of how far I got.  I am going to finish it up -- really just a little cleaning but I am going to hold myself to the colors and just clean up the parts that bother me.  Yes I will post picture when I do that so you can see the completed version.

And here is the works in progress with time markers so you can see how my work is developing.  I think that I will try to take more pictures next time.