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The things that keep me up at night

This is where I talk about different aspects of the hobby, and any other related topics (no matter now loosely).  If you are reading this, you must be really bored.

Painting Classes

Jeff Henson

I have been thinking about ways to expand our hobby lately when I read a friends experience with her local painting class it got me wondering.  Is there an organization of miniature painters that exists to support local painters in their local community?  A repository for handouts painters have created for their students.  A place to share tips and tricks?  I'm not talking about a regular painting forum like reaper mini and WAMP.  Any beginner who has found those sites is probably already invested in supplies and wants to advice on how to get started.  While they are certainly places to point beginners to because they contain a wealth of info for all levels of painter, they are a little more solitary by nature.  

I am thinking of a place that shares ideas and resources for inspiring new painters into the hobby.  You know that great handout you did for brush care?  Upload it!  That color theory sheet you did.... Upload it.  How about you source for really cheap beginners brushes or that really cheep idea for a wet palette... Upload it.  Teaching a group of 10 year old's how to paint?  check the forum for ideas.

If there is not such a site, there should be.