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The things that keep me up at night

This is where I talk about different aspects of the hobby, and any other related topics (no matter now loosely).  If you are reading this, you must be really bored.

WWMD Completed!

Jeff Henson

Well WWMD 2016 is in the record books now -- at least for me anyway.  I managed to completed my 24hour challenge but it was close I have to say.  I started getting really tired toward the end and my ability to do detail started to suffer... ALOT.  So I switched to painting just the basic color schemes and planning to complete the details at a later time.  About half way through I started having trouble (well more trouble than normal) picking color schemes.  It had encountered this problem last year so I planed for it this year by painting models to match artwork from the game they belonged to.  AKA I painted the Zombicide characters to match the character cards in the game. This worked pretty well but added the problem deciding how closely a color matched the artwork.  Not as big a problem but it still slowed me down.

Enough talk, the pictures are below.