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The things that keep me up at night

This is where I talk about different aspects of the hobby, and any other related topics (no matter now loosely).  If you are reading this, you must be really bored.

World Wide Miniatures Day 2018 is comming and you have to get ready.

Jeff Henson

What:   World Wide Miniatures Day 2018 (the wooden anniversary or the 5th one)

When:  July 14nd (ish) – I say (ish) cuz it’s flexible.  If you can’t do it this day, do the next day, or the day after or the day before or the week before.  This event is designed to be fun and inclusive to everyone as much as possible.

Where:  Your place, your friendly local game store, your paint club, or where-ever you like.

What:  This is the fun part.  WWMD is a celebration of this hobby we love while enjoying sharing our obsessions with others who can truly understand.  Also to bring in new people to this wonderful and engrossing pastime.

How:  We celebrate it by doing anything related to the hobby.  Anything!  Some activities include:  Painting, cleaning, prepping, priming, purchasing, trading, reading about, watching videos, organizing, talking about, driving to and from your FLGS, teaching classes, researching, playing games with miniatures, planning miniature games, building a gaming table, paint rack, display case, basing miniatures, collecting basing materials, writing posts or articles, photographing miniatures, constructing sentences with the word miniature in them.  Really ANYTHING that can be connected back to this hobby.  Did I say anything?

Cost:  Just your sanity.  Your a miniature painter -- this is probably a freebee for you.

Motto: No rules.  No Prizes.  No regrets.

Why:  Really?  You have read this far and you are asking why?  The simple answer is – because we can and we should.  Why not?

Special Challenges

Marathon Challenge:  Can you do something miniatures related for 24 hours taking breaks only to eat and go to the bathroom?  This challenge is for you.  It is based on the honor system but it would be really cool to post pictures of your work in progress.

 Half Marathon Challenge:  Same as the marathon only its 12 hours.

5K Challenge:  5 hours – you get the idea.

Charity Challenge:  I wanted to make year 5 something special in the record books while keeping it as inclusive as possible.  “But Jeff how will you do that?” you may ask.  One word – Charity.  All you have to do is donate any of your work from this day to charity (you pick which one) and you complete the challenge.  You define which charity you want to donate to.  Remember it’s the honor system and I’m not going to check up on you.  Just member you have to live with yourself.  You can build terrain and donate it to your war game club or paint miniatures, sell them on ebay and donate the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.

Combine this challenge with any of the others and get a special reward.

Complete any of the above challenges and pm me your address and I will send you a ribbon.  How cool is that?  I’m hoping cool enough to solve the all world’s problems… but I am helplessly optimistic.