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World Wide Miniatures Day

  1. What is it?  Well simply put it is a global celebration of miniatures.  Painting, designing, converting, sculpting, basing, photographing, discussing, playing miniatures games, buying, trading, generating interest for the hobby, teaching someone a skill, learning a skill, and pretty much anything else you can think of including driving to and from your friendly local hobby store.
  2. When is it?  Its the second weekend in July.  You can start your miniature activities one the weekend or end them on the weekend its up to you.  The idea was conceived as a 24 hour event so as long as your start your 24 hours or end your 24 hours on the weekend you are good to go.  You do not need observe  the 24 hour time block if you do not want to.  You can do any block of time you have or would be comfortable doing.  Some people only participate for 12 hours, 8 hours, 4 hours, and even an hour.  This spirit of the event is that you take this time to celebrate the hobby of miniatures in your own way.  Heck you did not need to observe the second weekend rule either if you don't want to.  It is really limited to the month of July.
  3. Where is it?  This is the easiest part.  Its right where you are.  You don't need to go anywhere.  That being said you can use your own paint station, go to your local game store, or you friends house -- where ever you want to paint.
  4. Why?  Really?  Really?  If you are still reading you do not need to ask why at this point.  You know why...  Because we all have the miniature monkey on our backs and we LOVE to fiddle with them.  If you are asking yourself why you are probably not into miniatures or at least you have some small amount of sanity left.  I caution you if you have read this far.  Get out now.